Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hands off my box!

I was at work and went to get something from my box, everyone has one with their name on it to keep your stuff in. When I went to its usual place, it had gone and had been replaced by someone else's box. 

Written on the front of it was the name, J.Parr, I then noticed my box on a lower shelf. Enraged by this, I started shouting my displeasure. Everyone else in the room ignored me. I switched the boxes over putting mine back in its orginal position. 

Then not unusually, I needed the toilet. I was walking in a school were I once used to be the caretaker. I opened a door and found it to be a toilet. When I lifted the lid I saw the water was close to the top and had tissue paper floating in it. 

I flushed it and it all overflowed onto the floor, I quickly opened the door to avoid my feet getting wet and to get away before getting the blame for the flood. Standing outside the door were about 10 children waiting to use the toilet. I just shouted, "It wasn't me!"  I ran away. 

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