Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fairy James & the giant reefer

I was walking towards my old secondary school in Essex, the actual building has long since been demolished and replaced by housing. With me was work colleague James who can be described as a man mountain and to see him dressed in a pink fairies outfit, was very amusing. 

James on the other hand seemed oblivious to the attention he was creating and was very comfortable in his clothing. As we approached the school, a white minibus pulled up full of Irish men who immediately started laughing at James. 

One of the men got out and was holding a huge golden trumpet with a big open cone end. He then planted a giant reefer into the cone end and put the small end in his mouth. He lit it and handed it to me. As I smoked the joint I could see the minibus filling with smoke and as laughter echoed from inside, it crashed into the back of a sports car. 

Two blonde females got out of the car and James went over in at attempt to chat them up. This didn't go too well given his attire and he walked off upset and confused as to why his chat up lines weren't working. 

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