Sunday, 22 March 2015

DIY dismembering & the Arab Prince

I started off the night by being in a car as a passenger with a man I didn't know. He drove into a workshop and told the man there that he needed his boots repaired. He took them off his feet and handed them to the guy. 

Both had holes in the bottom of them and were fit for the bin really but the guy said he'd repair them. I went to get back into the car but it had vanished, the man I'd arrived with was sitting in mid air as if he was in the car but it was invisible. 

The guy returned with his boots and he had put rubber car tyres on the bottom of them. He explained they should last a while but would require replacing when they had worn down. 

I was next in my dads garden shed, the shed still remains at my mums house but is just for storage. My dad had it as a workshop when he was alive. I was trying to make some space so that I could tidy all of his tools. Before I could do this I needed to cut up a dead body. 

The body I couldn't recognise as it didn't have a head, was laying on the work bench. I cut it up using a hacksaw and a small hatchet. One all the parts were in a manageable size, I placed them into a box and popped it under the workbench. I then set about tidying the tools. 

Lastly I was in a cinema and sat in a private box which I had all to myself. This was short lived as friend and work colleague, Leeza arrived. She was looking after an Arab Prince and his entourage, this completely filled all the seats and it was very cramped. 

This didn't stop me falling asleep at a very boring film. I rested my head on the Princes shoulder as Leeza was talking to him. He didn't seem impressed. 

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