Saturday, 7 March 2015

Dead babies & severed feet

A bit of a morbid theme to last night, starting off with me seeing dead babies everywhere I looked. They were all naked and not injured, but lifeless and definitely dead. 

I was next walking along the street and skipped through an alley that led to a seafront. In the middle of the alley I found on the floor, a pair of servered feet. They were cleanly cut off at the ankles but the toes were blackened as if they had rotted or had frostbite. 

Aside from the way I came into the alley, there was an exit ahead of me that led to the seafront and another exit to the right. I rang the police and was told to gaurd the feet until they arrived. 

As I stood over them a group of people came from towards the seafront. I tried to tell them to stop, they did having noticed the feet, except for an elderly man. 

I told the man to stay back but he tried to push through. I decided the best way to prevent his advance was to punch him in the face. 

I hit him in the jaw which knocked him to the floor. His friends looked at me in horror. I just said, "Sorry".   

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