Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Supermarket crisps

I was with my wife and mother in law in a supermarket, ahead of us were six children of various ages, the oldest being around eight. My mother in law said to me that she needed to buy crisps for her children, I looked farwards at the line of kids all following the oldest who was pushing the trolley. 

I was somewhat amazed that my mother in law had managed to hide the fact she had all these children, I watched as they chose between salt and vinegar and plain flavour crisps, piling the trolley up high with them. 

My mother in law, every now and again kept laying down on the floor and looking under the shelves of food displays. I asked her what she was doing and her reply was, "That man on the telly said that some of the food has fresh cream inside it and you can see it when you lay down". I didn't question this! 

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