Saturday, 14 February 2015

Stabbings & shoot ups

I found my notes for last nights dream, scribbled on the kitchen note pad at 2am when I got up to let the puppy out and then again at 6am. At least I know what happened, unlike the previous evening. 

I was working on a construction site and my job was to turn a metal wheel every hour clockwise. That was it, I was very bored and extremely happy when I heard the lunch time buzzer go off. I left the site and started walking away, in my head I'd already decided never to return. 

I was next with my wife and I'd asked her to show me her scares on her stomach. She looked confused as I explained I couldn't remember if I'd stabbed her before or if it was a dream. My wife still looking perplexed, told me she had no idea what I was talking about. 

Lastly, I was playing Call of Duty and shooting various people as they advanced towards me. When I looked at my gun, I was actually pointing my fingers and then I started making gun noises with my mouth. The characters in the game stopped and looked at me and started laughing at my pathetic attempts.  

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