Monday, 2 February 2015

Skeleton teeth & stoned dogs

Back into the weird again last night with the vision of various skeleton heads flashing before my closed eyes as I drifted off. Each one that appeared, had huge white teeth and were smiling at me. It almost became a constant flashing, enough to set off someone into a fit. 

I was next at work and riding a massive motorbike. I can't actually ride a bike so it was odd that in my sleep, I was an expert rider. I was driving at high speed throughout the streets and was a superb rider. 

I arrived at a house that had a very overgrown front garden, so much so that trees had grown into the windows and doors. Stepping inside I saw a staircase that had big vine like roots ascending to the upper floor. I climbed to the top of the stairs and looked out of the back window. 

In the garden below was a team of paramedics attending to what I assumed was a person, they were crowded around them, so I couldn't see clearly. I took out an axe and chopped at the vine roots, I threw the vine out of the window below me. 

One of the paramedics came running up the stairs shouting at me. He explained that the vine I was throwing out were massive canabis plant roots and he told me that their casualty had eaten some. 
I walked into the garden to see that the casualty was a dog. 

It was laying on the floor with stoned looking eyes and a smile on its face. It then started giggling. The paramedic said that the roots were evil and that I must burn them. I took this information in and decided to just leave.   

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