Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Secret underground spy centre

The night started off with me meeting Scott from work in the street, he was sat on the cold wet floor with a group of homeless men, drinking methylated spirt. It was a sorry state to see and I couldn't believe how Scott had become homeless and destitute. 

As he downed his drink, Scott explained that he had become hooked on gambling and had lost everything in a poker game. I thought about helping him but then dismissed it and walked away from him. 

I was next in a pleasure cruise boat on the river Thames in London. The boat was being driven by an American man and he was shouting out the sights as we past them. The boat slowed and he said he needed some provisions and jumped off into a shop. 

He called back for me to keep the boat from drifting off, I lent over the front of the boat and grabbed the canopy over the shop. It immediately came off in my hands and the boat drifted away and off down the river, leaving the American in the shop. 

The boat crashed into the bank and I jumped ship to escape the now damaged and unmanned vessel. It became night time as I walked through the streets of London. I lent against a wall and a secret door opened, I entered into what looked like an abandoned control centre. 

There were huge control panels covering whole walls with multi coloured lights and buttons. The place was covered in cobwebs and clearly hadn't been used for years. Suddenly all the panels lit up and started flashing. On a screen I could see the street outside. 
From the top of a street light, a green laser beam shot up into the air. 

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