Sunday, 15 February 2015

Naked shoot out & fireworks

A very busy night in respect to my sleeping activities, beginning with me arriving at a house to find work colleague, Huggy naked outside of it. A woman is telling him that a man inside has a gun. 

Both the female and Huggy go into the address and I following close behind, Huggy has a gun and has it held out before him as he clears each room. I too have a gun and then notice that I'm naked also. 

As we enter the last upstairs room I pull the female back out of the way and we both burst into the room guns blazing and kill the man dead before even checking if he was armed. 

Huggy tells me that he will deal with the aftermath and I grab a ladies long coat and walk out of the house wearing it. 

Next I'm outside of another door that reportedly has a man inside armed with a knife. I'm with Rich and we are contemplating kicking in the door when our supervisor Mike arrives. 

Mike starts to attempt to bore the man into submission and talks to him for hours. It doesn't work and we go to a local park. There are serveral bosses from work all trying to work out a solution to getting the man out. 

Myself and Rich go back to the house and we climb in a downstairs window onto a wall unit. The unit collapses under our weight and crashes to the floor. 

The noise makes the barricaded man come out to investigate and we take the opportunity to jump him and detain him. 
I start looking inside his room, it is full of old coin collections and industrial size fireworks. 

Rich joins me and we are estounded by the amount of gunpowder in the room. I asked Rich what he did with the man and he looked at me and said, "I thought you had him?"

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