Saturday, 21 February 2015


Last night I was at my mums house and went to the neighbours house and found it swarming with police and forensic officers in white suits. I could just manage to peer into the entrance hall and see a dead body on the floor. 

I was shocked to see it was Robert, the neighbours youngest Son, he had the white chalk outline drawn around his body and someone was taking photos of the scene. I haven't actually seen Robert for maybe 20 years and so its odd that he should randomly appear in my dream, albeit dead. 

Upset by the sight of Robert being dead, I returned to my mums house to find that every item of furniture had vanished from downstairs. I went into my old childhood bedroom and discovered it all piled up in there. 

Upon checking it all, I found that the washing machine was missing. I went back to the neighbours house and asked a police officer what was going on. I was informed that it had been seized as evidence. He said that they think that it was used as a murder weapon. 

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