Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Gangs, wars & chewing gum

A lot going on last night, starting off with me talking to an ex street gang member, who was telling me all of the slang words and the meaning of them. 

He was sat in the middle of an empty stone courtyard at a small table. His left hand was frozen still like a manaquins hand and it was painted bright red. 

He spoke of different gang rituals and killings and as he did so, his right hand became motionless and also turned red. 

I'm next in a field and two World War One Soilders struggling to walk, head towards me, they are carrying each other and are covered in mud and blood. They fell at my feet and one of them started screaming. 

I became very disturbed by this and ran into a nearby toilet to escape him. When I enter the toilet, the walls are all smeered with human excrement. 
I lift the toilet seat and it falls off in my hand. 

Suddenly the room turned into a doctors waiting room full of people. There wasn't enough room for everyone to sit down. I had a stick of chewing gum in my hand and I was rolling it up like a miniature carpet. 

I popped the gum into my mouth and started chewing the stick. As soon as I did this the room became deadly silent. All that could be heard was me chewing. Everyone in the room looked at me. 

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