Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fire starter

Along with my wife we were shopping and had a supermarket trolley full of groceries. We headed towards the checkout which was one woman on a single till. The shop appeared to be in a large barn and had huge oak beams. 

The woman was surprised at the amount of food we had, I explained that we were going on holiday for a week and needed provisions. She still looked at our food and was thinking we had too much. I added, "We have some friends coming". 

I next entered an apartment that belonged to me. I was horrified to find that my ex wife, her daughter, and her daughters daughter were all squatting in there. The place was an absolute mess, rubbish everywhere and it was filthy and smelt. 

I started shouting for them to get out and began throwing things around the place. I then saw Stu from work appear in the room, we winked at me and started walking around the appartment. As he wandered around, he casually started setting fire to curtains and clothing. 

As he continued to set things alight, the fire started to intensify and the whole place was ablaze. Stu beconded me to leave and said, " I think that should get them out". 

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