Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Face to face

I woke today slightly unwell and had no recall of any dreaming, however I popped a cheeky hour in before work and saw the following. 

It was a large red racing car, looked like one from the 1960's, maybe earlier. It was long, bullet shaped with a white circle on the front that had the number 20 in it. That all I saw of the car, it was as if it was right in front of me and I was laying on the floor ahead of it. 

Then as the image of the car vanished it was replaced with that of a man in mirrored sunglasses, he was slightly unshaven and I could only see one side of his face. 

This image was replaced with that of the head of our puppy, Nora Batty. She had her head right next to me and her whole face was the tartan pattern of our bed clothes. I'm guessing I was looking at the quilt. 


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