Saturday, 28 February 2015

Doberman dash

Initially I was woken with an absolute shock as I briefly saw a Doberman dog running at me full speed. Before I had anytime to reacte, the dog leaped up and slammed me hard in the chest. 

I immediately woke up and shouted out, "Shit!"  My wife half opened her eyes to enquire as to my welfare but it was short lived and she fell back to sleep. 

I was next in a house and knew I was the only person there. Faintly from the upstairs of the property I could hear a small child crying. I thought this odd knowing that I was alone and didn't go to check it out. 

Lastly I was with Dave from work and it was Christmas Day. I told Dave my dad was missing and had possibly gone to the pub. We needed to find him as my mum wanted him to spend the day with us. 

Dave and myself set off to the pub and met my dad coming in the opersite direction. I asked dad if he had been down the pub and he pointed down to his feet. 

Dad was wearing running trainers and said, "I wouldn't go to the pub wearing these!" 
Dave said, "Sorry Dad". We all then walked back to my mums house for Christmas dinner.  

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