Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cola quiz

I was at school and it was four people to a table, everyone in the class were adults and the teacher announced we were having a quiz. Sat on my table were two people I didn't know and my good friend, Matt. 

The teacher said that our table was going to be used for playing with toy cars on later and that we should evenly spread ourselves onto the other tables in the class. All four of us moved onto the table next to ours. The quiz started and the first table of four were asked a set of questions. 

All eight of us on the table started to giggle at the prospect of winning as we had twice as many on our team. As it neared our turn, we laughed all the more, it was just about to be our turn when we suddenly found ourselves on a sandy beach. 

In the sand were lots of toy cars and Matt quickly forgot the disappointment of the quiz and sat playing with them. He made the engine and skidding sounds of the cars like a small child does. 
I was then approached by a man who asked me to help him find a missing girl. 

I was then in a room that the man told me was the missing girls and that we should search for clues to her disappearance. The walls had built in cupboards and I opened the very top one which was close to the ceiling. Inside I found a box of cereal, a carton of milk and a bottle of diet cola. 

The man told me to bring the bottle of cola and we went off in search of the missing girl. The scene then flashed into a cellar where I could see the man again who was pouring the cola through a tube into the mouth of a girl. I assumed it was the missing girl, the tube went into her stomach and gallons of cola was coming back out of her nose and flooding the floor. 

The girl was unconscious but suddenly woke up, removed the tube and said, "Hello?" I was then outside a church about to attend a wedding. 
As I walked in I was informed that the brides father had died and to save money, his funeral would be straight after the wedding. 

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