Friday, 6 February 2015

Clean up

I began by being in the local shop that my mum used to work in for many years. The whole place was very dusty and it looked like a building site. 

My mum was serving customers and so I immediately began dusting and cleaning the place up. As I did this, I started floating off the ground and hoovered in the air close to the ceiling. 

I then saw Robbo from work enter the shop, he started playing with a remote control car, which was odd as the shop sold wool and net curtains. 

I was next in my old flat from when I was 20. I walked in and found my work supervisor, Mike, rearranging my furniture. He opened a door and pulled out a rolled up carpet and said, "You won't believe what's in this". 

He started to unroll it and I became very nervous. Before he could open it up I shouted, "Quick, we need to go, someone is being killed". With this we both ran out of the flat into the street. 

I then felt pain in my right ankle and when I looked at it, it was red and swollen. I started to rub it and then woke up and I was actually rubbing my ankle. 

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