Friday, 27 February 2015

Brick chess

I was in someone's living room, it had a large stone built fireplace. In the bottom corner of the fireplace, most of the stone had been removed. 

Sat at a small table was a very drunk husband and wife. Drunk to the stage where they were in annoying repeat mode. 

The table before them was piled high with the missing stones from the fireplace and the husband was constantly saying to his wife, "It is your turn, take another stone out!"  

The wife was so drunk, she collapsed onto the floor, this didn't deter her husband from repeating himself. Under the pile of stone was a chess board. It would appear they were using the stone as peices.  

Lastly I drove my old car into a petrol garage that was on a massive hill. I arrived at the top of the hill and got out of my car. I decided I wanted to use the pump at the bottom of the hill. 

I ran a small wooden toy boat along the floor until I reached the bottom pump. I took the noosle out and the pump started to kick into life. I looked back up and saw my car sat at the top. 

I dropped the noosle on the floor and ran as fast as I could towards my car. Before I could reach the top, I woke up. 

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