Wednesday, 28 January 2015

This is war

I began by being on the outside of a massive metal tank. It looked like some kind of indrustrial container on a huge scale. It was about the size of an office block but only on one level. 

I opened a hatch on the top and jumped in, I landed on a mini battleship that was the size of a car. The tank was half filled with water and my small sized ship was cruising up and down. 

I passed some more mini battleships and suddenly they started firing red lazer beems at me. I returned fire and a raging battle commenced.  In the heat of the battle I then suddenly found myself back on the outside of the tank. 

I was next watching the sun going down on the edge of a picturesque lake. Parked close by was a van converted into a mobile cafe. An old man was next to it holding a fishing rod. 

I wanted to capture a photograph of the scene and asked the old guy to stand by the lake with his rod and he would look great in the photo. 

The old man didn't seem to be able to talk and acted very strangely. I instantly came to the conclusion that he was mentally ill and walked away from him. 

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