Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sweets and cash

After a night shiftz I passed out this morning fully expecting not to dream, due to extreme tiredness, however. 
I was standing along the top a castles turret, I was totally motionless and unable to feel any sensation in my hands at all. 
A brief awakening from my sleep and I had pins and needles in both my hands. 

Next I was in a hotel room with my wife and we were about to check out but wanted to go to a market before going home. I was trying to work out if we needed to pay extra to stay in the room. My wife just laughed at me and told me to not be so dumb. I felt slightly upset by her comments. 

Lastly, again with my wife I was visiting a very old lady in her house. We were making sure that she had food and was warm, for some reason the lady wanted to lay on the floor. We walked out of her house leaving the old woman horizontal on her living room carpet. 

As we walked along the street my wife pulled out handfuls of sweets she had stolen from the house. She asked me what I had got and produced wads of cash. We walked away laughing. 

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