Saturday, 24 January 2015

Paperwork & haircuts

An odd mix of things from last night, starting with me being in my mums house. My dad had just died and was laying on the sofa. My dad has been gone for nearly 12 years now. 

He was very peaceful looking and I wasn't upset as I knew he was already no longer with us. 
Also in the room was a man filling out paperwork in relation to my dad. 

He asked me dads full name and date of birth, I started giving them and when it came to the question of his place of birth, my dad said, "London mate."

Next I could feel something rubbing my head, I initially thought it was one of my animals but it felt like a human hand. 

I then realised I was actually dreaming and the hand rubbing over my head was my own. As I rubbed my hand over my head, huge clumps of hair fell away as if I was clipping it with a cutter. 

My hand was acting like hair trimmers and I removed all my hair until I was bald.  

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