Friday, 9 January 2015


To begin with, my wife and myself were on an old London double decker bus travelling from London towards our house. As we approached our village, I noticed there was no driver and the bus didn't appear to be stopping. 

I jumped in the drivers seat and slammed my foot on the break, causing the bus to come to a juddering halt. We got off and then realised our suitcases were at the very front and had to get all the passengers off the bus to get to them. 

When we got them, our neighbours, Clare and Lawrence came up to us and asked if we wanted to to Las Vegas with them. We of course accepted but first went into our house to freshen up. 

Whilst I was in the bathroom, which I didn't recognise as our own, I saw three mice running around the room. I smiled at them. I could then hear my wife talking to my friend and work colleague, Fran. My wife was telling Fran to keep her voice down as I was asleep. 

Fran appeared to have been drinking and was slurring her words and giggling, she shouted out, "I'm not making a noise, I'm Frantastic!" With this I opened the door holding one of the mice whilst stroking it. 

Fran was dancing and staggering around the room and when she saw me with the mouse, started crying. My wife looked at me and just shrugged her shoulders.  

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