Monday, 12 January 2015

Eastenders Baldie

I began by being at my Nan's old house, a place I spent most of my childhood with happy memories. I was looking for an ice lolly and began a search of the rooms. After a while I noticed that I was looking down at the flooring in my own house, but I was still at Nan's. 

Next I'm a bus driver and I pull over at a bus stop and a woman and two children are waiting to get on. I turn off the engine and get out, telling her a new driver is taking over and she will have to wait. I stand next to the bus but can't see my replacement. 

I then see that I am at Becontree underground station and my mum is standing next to me. She looks at me and says nothing but loudly breaks wind and laughs. I move away from her somewhat upset by her behaviour. 
The replacement driver arrives and he is moaning that the bus has been left unattended. 

Finally I was in my bedroom asleep and my wife woke me up. I saw that my wardrobe was totally empty and my wife was laughing that she had thrown all my clothes away. 
She then ran out of the room saying that she was going to wake my parents up. 

I could hear her singing and making every effort to wake them, she came back into the room and said, "They aren't ready to get up yet". 
I then noticed that my wife was now actress Letitia Dean, from Eastenders. She was totally naked and completely bald. 

I looked at her with a mixture of shock and horror, she then put a blonde wig on and laughed out loud. 

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