Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Two very contrasting parts to my dream last night, bringing the old together with modern day. 
I was sedatly trotting trough my village on a horse and cart, I was even dressed in Victorian style clothing, I really did look the part. 

As I rounded a corner near to my house, I stopped the horse next to my front door. As I did this, the cart and horse vanished and I was transported inside my house looking out the front window. 

Just as looked out a car smashed into my car and started rolling along the street. I ran outside and it was total carnage, there were five cars all smashed into pieces and the orginal that hit mine was up the street on its roof. 

I turned to call out to my wife but everything slowed down and I began moving in slow motion. It was a struggle to move and as I pushed to get towards the tangle of crushed metal, I froze on the spot. 
I then woke up. 

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