Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cheap Jacks

I was with my mum and older sister and we were looking for my nan. My nan has not been with us now for many years but she was a huge influence on my life. We were at the local shops Close to where my mum still lives  

When I was younger and still living at home, there was a shop that sold everything, it had tones of stuff outside on the pavement, locally it was known as Cheap Jacks but was called something else that I can't remember. To everyone, it was Cheap Jacks, if you ever needed something, they had it cheaper than anyone else. 

It was dark and all the shops were closed, above the door to Cheap Jacks was a door bell but it was about 15 feet off the floor. I cupped my hands and gave my sister a leg up, she pushed the button to ring the doorbell and the button fell off. 

As she climbed down the door was opened by a small child who then ran off. We all entered and noticed a room to the right full of playing happy children. A man came out and informed us that my nan had passed away. 

We wasn't surprised or upset because we knew she wasn't with us anymore. We walked upstairs and opened a door. There sat in the room was both my nan and grandad. 

They were both happy and smiling and waved at us. It wasn't until we went back downstairs that we realised that everyone in the house had passed away. They were all happy and so we left content ourselves. 

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