Monday, 19 January 2015

Cats, dogs & pigs

Firstly I was walking my dog in the streets surrounding my mums house, he was on his lead, which he normally isn't because he never runs off. On another lead was one of my cats called Bear. 

On a third lead one of the guniea pigs called Monkey, Monkey and Bear were becoming tangled as they walked and my Dog Humbug, walked straight. 

Bringing up the rear, not on a lead was my other guniea pig, Boris. He never wandered off and kept up with the pack. 

Lastly I walked into a co op store hoping to cash a cheque. The guy at the checkout was very unsure and called the manager. The manager was my friend and work colleauge, Gary Potter. 

Gary, up until recently was a manager in a co op store. He appeared from behind some boxes and winked at me. The guy on the checkout couldn't see Gary despite him being in front of him. 

Gary then let out a massive fart and put his hand over his mouth like a naughty school boy. The checkout guy looked at me in disgust and said, "Sorry sir I can't help you". 

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