Sunday, 7 December 2014

White trash & jet ski commando killers

I was firstly woken up by my wife who was inquiring as to why I was shouting out, "Get me some white trash!"  I think even if I could remember what that was about, I'd best not elaborate further. 

I was next in some kind of battlefield, two men had been causing havoc by riding around on jet skis and shooting hundreds of people dead. I managed to punch one of them as he drove past me and I killed him by a bullet to the head. 

I shouted out loud, "Watch yourselves everyone, these guys are commandos". I then set about attempting to catch the other one but he had driven off. 

Next I was trying to wet shave at a river, I was using a very blunt razor as I kept cutting my chin. I was then confronted by two boy Pygmys who had huge bulging eyes. 

They seemed fascinated by what I was doing but their presence annoyed me. I simply said to them, "Go away or I will kill you". Clearly they understood English and left with hast. 

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