Saturday, 27 December 2014

Vladimir Putin's garden

I was Russian president Vladimir Putin and I was attending to my garden which consisted of raised beds that were slightly overgrown. As I dug over the soil, I found pieces of smashed coloured glass. 

When I put these together they made a picture of Marvel comic characters. I laid them down in a corner and stuck them together with clear tape. 

I then noticed a row of eye level kitchin units hanging in the air in front of me. When I opened a door I could see straight through it into the distance. 

There I saw a coach parked next to a large hill. When I glanced under the units, the coach wasn't there. Looking back through the cupboard, a woman and small boy got out of the coach and started to walk towards me. 

My wife appeared and hastily informed me that she was after all of my money and that I needed to run from her. Calmly, I just stopped looking through the cupboard and her and the child vanished. 

I then continued to tend to my garden, digging up a huge root that was about 20 feet long. I cut it into slices and placed it on top of the coloured Marvel glass.  

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