Sunday, 14 December 2014

Top secret, shoes & whores

To start with I was walking towards my mums house, something I dream of frequently. My companion on this occasion was a lady of the night, I knew this because my brain had her wearing stockings, a short leather skirt and she was of course swinging her handbag. 

As I approached ever nearer to my childhood home, I was becoming very concerned how I was going to explain to my mum why I'd bought a prositute home. 

Fortunately upon reaching my destination, she had vanished and I found myself on the landing between my old bedroom and that of my sisters. Piled high blocking my door were hundreds of shoes. 

I kicked them all into my sisters room, laughing as I did, knowing they would be in trouble for the mess. 

Lastly I was in a very dark room on my own when friend and work colleauge Mildred came in with a group of people. It was too dark to make out who they were. 

Mildred said she had to show a video to the group and it contained top secret information about work. 
I then was able to make out supervisor Sharon who told me I'd have to leave. I started to yawn and drift off to sleep. As I did I said, "I've seen it, it's no secret" 

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