Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The swarm

I started off by being with my wife in Scotland. We were walking along a seaside town that appeared abandoned as a holiday resort, there was some road works going on but we had a long stretch of sea front to ourselves. 

We were next leading out our horses into a massive field. When we reached the middle a man in a tricycle rode past, just as he did a huge black mass descended upon us. 

The mass was a swarm of flies and they completely covered us and the horses. We ran back for cover and upon reaching the shelter it had been converted into a luxury apartment. The horses loved it. 

Lastly I was wandering around London trying to remember my way around. As I walked past landmarks I made mental notes to help me get back again. 

I reached a train station that only had steam trains and I decided to go back. I walked out into the street and was instantly lost! 

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