Friday, 26 December 2014

Sleep & cannabis

Last night I was at work, but I was in a cinema, which isn't my usual place of employment. In the darkened atmosphere were hundreds of seats and everyone that is employed where I work, filled the seats. 
Given the poor lighting which made it hard to see anyone, I took this opportunity to go to sleep, putting my feet up on the back of the seat in front of me. 

This was my downfall as I kicked the head of supervisor, Adam, who told me to go and do some work. Unhappy at this I left the cinema and found myself in a swimming pool. I had to walk through the foot splash to enter but I didn't want to get my boots wet. 

I turned around and went in another direction through a door which led me outside, where I found work colleague, George. He was with two others but I didn't know them and they were discussing buying some cannabis. George asked me to contribute towards the illegal purchase but I told him I didn't have a penny on me. 

The three of them left me as I was of no use to them and I peered from behind a door as they dealt with a drug dealer and bought a massive lump of cannabis resin. They couldn't see me watching and as I looked on I made notes in a small notebook. 

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