Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lost in London

Along with a guy I didn't know, I was in the centre of London and on route to Liverpool to watch a football match. We had lots of time before our train and so decided to go for a walk. Unfortunately I lost sight of the guy I was with and became hopelessly lost. 

I could still here him talking however, he was saying how stupid it was of me to get lost as I am from London, he was actually starting to annoy me when I spotted a large cardboard box on the floor. I picked it up and it appeared empty as it was very light. 

I continued to walk, still being annoyed by the voice of the guy I had lost, ŵhen I saw a woman with a child. They were being pestered by an Asian looking man, he was making very improper suggestions towards the woman. She was trying to be polite to him but he wasn't going away. 

Partly angry at the voice still taunting me for being lost and the Asian man not leaving the woman be, I ran at him in a rage. I smashed the cardboard box into his face knocking him over and shouted, "Come on then, you want some of me?!"
 I tried to kick the man but my cardboard box got in the way and for some reason I wasn't letting it go. 

The Asian man thought better of fighting a crazy cardboard box welding maniac, and fled. The woman when I looked was running off up the street with her child. 

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