Friday, 19 December 2014

Girl in a box

Carrying on from the box theme, last night I started off by being at a hotel, I'd totally forgotten to take any clothes and the ones I was wearing were starting to smell. 

To combat this, I went into the shower fully clothed and washed myself and them in one operation. As I emerged dripping wet I saw two boys in my room. 

They were trying to hide something in the wardrobe and I pushed them out of the way to see. Laying inside a cardboard box with a clear plastic front, was a life size doll. 

The doll was fixed to the inside of the box with plastic coated wire ties and the head and arms were not attached to the body. When I looked closer, the doll was real and had been dismembered. 

I looked around at the two boys just in time to see them running by out of the door. 

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