Thursday, 11 December 2014

Curry and battleships

I was with my wife in a restaurant at some kind of either birthday party or stag do, I wasn't able to establish which or if even that was the occasion. The only other person I could recognise was friend and work colleague, Lee Ann. She was tucking into a huge plate of garlic bread. Everyone else was eating curry. 

There was a man at her table that was being force fed alcoholic drinks and was becoming very ill looking. As I watched him have drink after drink poured into him, I became drunk from just looking at him. I stood up and fell over, announcing to my wife that we really needed to leave. 

We then walked out of the room and found ourselves high up on a battleship. The vessel was huge and we began to plot a route down to escape. There wasn't any proper footing and we gingerly climbed down. As we descended, I became sober, being completely sober by the time we reached the lower deck. 

I was then walking down the street close to my mums house when I saw a canvas bag of workman's tools in the road. I headed over to them and saw my dad also moving towards the bag from the oppersite direction. We met at the bag, scooped up the tools and continued to mums house. 

As we walked a group of men on the other side of the street started saying that we had stolen the tools and that they would call the police. Dad looked over at me and smiled, he said, "Don't worry Son, they can't prove anything".  

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