Monday, 1 December 2014

Cats and dogs

I was in a room with large bay windows which looked out over a busy shopping centre. The room looked like a living room of a house that had been converted into a doctors waiting room. I ran out of the room into the crowded street, I commando rolled and jumped over bins and signs. 

After a while of being completely ignored by everyone I went back into the room I'd previously occupied. There was now a man and woman sitting in there and they had a Border Collie dog, then my Jack Russell appeared and started growling at it as he has an issue with small dogs despite being one himself. 

I then glanced out of the window to see that the scene had changed to that of a field of long grass. The grass had tracks in it that had been made by cats that were running around in the grass. 
Suddenly the man stood up holding a parrot on his arm and threw a treat out of the window for the cats. 

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