Friday, 5 December 2014

Can anybody hear me?

I was returning home late at night in a works transit van. When I arrived outside of my house there was nowhere to park, fortunately the houses that once stood oppersite my house had become a massive car park. 

There was an entrance to the car park but an array of metal barriers were placed all over it. They were set out like a maze and with careful manoveouring I was able to reach the centre and park. 

As I walked towards my house I saw a Police Community Support Worker. I said hello but he totally ignore me. It then suddenly became a bright sunny day. 

In a car I noticed work supervisors, Jerry and Kirsty, again I said hello and this time waved at them. Once again I was totally ignored. Annoyed by this I went into my house. 

Inside I found that it was a large open space with a table in the middle. I sat at the table and friends Mildred and Steve entered. I waved frantically at them and shouted hello. 
Steve said, "What's up with you, fat boy?"

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