Monday, 8 December 2014

Blind, deaf & burgers

I was on the seafront at the Lincolnshire resort of Skegness, somewhere I used to live over 15 years ago. I was walking through one of the many stalls and shops set out on the street when I came across a man who was clearly blind as he had a white stick and was feeling where he was going. 

As I tried to walk passed him he started singing out loud at me, I attempted to move but he was following me despite not being able to see me. I wanted him to leave me alone and so I just shouted at him, "I'm sorry I am deaf!"  
With this he stopped singing and walked off. 

I was next on a London Underground train which was full with passengers. A young teenage girl shouted out, "Anybody want a burger?"  She had a massive bag full of hot burgers and started handing them around. Everyone was very pleased. 

I took one and I opened the bap up to inspect its contents and found that every item within it was wrapped in cling film. I looked up and saw everyone biting into their burgers, I shouted out, "Don't eat them, she has put cling film in them!"  

With this everyone started to throw their burgers at the female and got off of the train. The girl gave me a death stare and I walked off the train smiling at happy with what I had done. 

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