Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Beds and dentists

I was at home with my friend and work colleague, Suki when there was a knock on the back door, which is unusual. My dog was going mad barking at the door and I unlocked it to find a young lad delivering a bed. 

I was a little confused, having not ordered one when Suki said that he had ordered it and got me a massive discount as he knew the guy selling it. 

An older man in a black suit came in, he looked more like an undertaker. The bed was one of those electric hospital beds and the two men carried it into my kitchen. The older guy asked which room upstairs I wanted it assembled. 

He then asked me to sign for it and that the price was £3,000. With this Suki starting shouting, "Hang on sunshine, he wouldn't charge me that, I know the boss". 

The older guy wrote on the receipt, ' grumpy and refusing the order', he then handed it to me to sign. I wrote, 'You old bastard' on it and handed it back. 

I was next at the bottom of some old rotten wooden stairs and I was holding my I pad. I pressed a button on it and it buzzed an intercom, the voice on the other end I instantly reconised as Andy from work. 

He was saying he was a dentist and that if I came up he would examine my teeth. I knew this wasn't his profession and so went along with it. 

I opened a door and stepped out onto a wet wooden decking, I knew it was wet because I only had socks on. I got to the top and was greeted by Andy who didn't seem to reconise me. 

He opened a garage door and it contained a vintage Jaguar car, we got in the front and it had a circular window that looked like the bridge of a ship. Andy put the car into gear and it went backwards, smashing into the back wall of the garage. 

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