Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bed bath

I often need the toilet in the night and it manifests into my dream, with last night as no exception. I was at my birthplace, which was my nans old house in Essex, England. 

I was needing the toilet and so went into the bathroom only to find a clothes horse taking up most of the room. There was no toilet but there was a bath full of water. Desperation took over and I climbed the clothes dryer and stood in the tub up to my knees in water. 

I started to pee in the bath water and the door opened, a woman came in and said, "It's your brother", my older sister then walked in followed by about 10 of her friends. 

I immediately stopped and sat down in the bath, I kept asking them to leave but more women kept coming into the room. In the end I decided to take my clothes off and actually have a bath. 

At this point an old Irish man in a dress came in and got into the bath with me and went to sleep. Unhappy at this I got out despite my nakedness and left the room. 

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