Monday, 22 December 2014

Banana's & wind

I began by entering a tiny cafe and was given a pot of tea without even asking for it by the lady behind the counter, who winked at me knowingly. I sat and poured out a cup of hot tea and then jumped up shouting, "Bugger, I forgot to shave"! I rubbed my chin to confirm my stubble. 

I was then walking home with my mum and wife after going shopping. Mum had a shopping trolley on wheels but was struggling to pull it due to all her purchases. My wife asked me to pull it and I raised my arm and an artic lorry started to reverse towards us. 

I said that the driver was Britain's tallest man but warned them not to mention it as he was self conscious about his height. The driver got out and looked of average height. He hooked up a tow rope to mums trolley and then sat on a chair and put his feet up. He had a Liverpool accent and was moaning about how His home town was such a rough place to live now. 

Finally I was laying in bed needing the toilet. I could hear the wind howling outside and got up and found that I had a banana in my mouth. I started eating it but I was full up and couldn't finish it. I stood over the toilet and dropped the banana down the pan. Above my head was an open window which was rattling in the wind, I reached up but it was too high.

I then floated off the ground until I reached the window and shut it, the sound of the wind didn't stop, I woke from my sleep and the wind was blowing hard outside and had entered my dream, along with my need to pee. There was no banana. 

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