Monday, 15 December 2014

Australian assassin & toothpaste wee

An Austrailian teenage boy was laying on a rooftop with a sniper rife and had it pointed at the street below. He lined up a random target and took them out with a single shot, the ensuing chaos made it difficult to shoot other targets, but he managed to kill another four people before deciding to leave. 

The boy ran on a slope that circled the building and as he decended, armed police ran up the slope. The boy had left the rife on the roof and by just standing still, the police ran straight past him. He almost reached the bottom before being caught by one of his teachers. Fortunately they just told him to go home as their was a sniper on the roof. 

I then as often dreampt I was going to the toilet, which normally means I need to pee. I stood over the toilet and instead of wee, toothpaste came out! It was red, blue and white striped too, and due to its minty flavour, tingled slightly. 

Lastly I was approaching a building that I was aware that a lorry had overturned outside of earlier. There was no crashed lorry present but a hole in the road that was lorry sized. I was holding a large folder under my arm that was my personal development portfolio, something I'd completed many years ago at work. 

I was looking for my supervisor Mike, who for unknown reasons had asked me to bring it to him to inspect. Inside I was waiting outside in the corridor to a large hall, it was full of new recruits and a huge table of cakes were next to me for when they came out. 

Standing next to me were, Pipi and Trinder, we all looked at the cakes and then looked at each other. Within seconds they were gone, I stuffed two in my mouth and as many as I could in my pockets. The other two did the same. 

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