Thursday, 27 November 2014

Zombie mannequins

Sat at work getting ready for a shiftz, I was on the phone informing someone that I was taking a van out and that four of us would be working together. I was going to be with, Anne, Matt and Kallum but when asked their names I'd completely forgotten. 

I had to walk around the room and look at their name badges to remember who they were, which was embarrassing because I know them all very well. 

Once out and about in the van, I parked up to go and look at a house that was for sale, leaving the three in the van outside. 
I approached the house which had an American style porch. 

The front door crashed open and hundreds of shop manaquins flew through the air towards me. They were naked except for black and white stripes around their wrists and ankles. 

I immediately pulled out a pistol and started shooting them to no effect. I tried to call my colleagues but again forgot their names! A manaquin started to eat my face and as it did, the stripes increased and began to cover its entire body. 

The dummy's face turned into a zombie with dripping blood from its mouth. I screamed for help and my three colleagues just ignored me in retaliation for me forgetting their names. 

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