Saturday, 29 November 2014

Wille Carson chess cheat

I was part of a studio audience that was watching another studio audience. I don't know what they were watching. They all appeared to be actors and actresses as they were talking as if they were rehearsing for a Shakespearian play. 

Then my cousin David appeared and handed me a glass paperweight that contained sea shells, he keenly asked of my opinion of the object. My reply was, "That's the most hideous thing I've ever seen". 
David then pointed out former jockey, Wille Carson was sitting in the other audience. 

Wille was playing chess with a woman but she was distracted by another woman practicing her dramatic voice. David nudged me and said, "Watch him he's cheating". I observed Willie as he casually moved his elbow as he lent on the table and carefully movd various chess pieces around. 

He kept smiling and chatting as he cheated his way into winning the game. I then awoke from my dream rather suddenly as my dog jumped on me. 

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