Sunday, 2 November 2014

Underground factory

Deep in an underground facility, resemblant to a James Bond film, I had turned up to work. I had the feeling that I'd previously been employed by the same company, but I didn't recognise anyone. 

I wandered around and saw that everyone else had stopped working and were looking up at a huge clock. The clock was rapidly ticking around to 10am. As soon as it struck on the hour, everyone headed towards the canteen. 

I looked down to my hand and found that I was holding a flask of tea. I then walked through the seating area within the canteen and pondered on where to sit. I didn't want to sit in someone's seat and being the new guy, I might step on someone's toes. 

I eventually spotted a single table right in the corner and headed for it. Just as I sat down a buzzer sounded and everyone headed back to work! 

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