Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Shit coach

I was on a coach as a passenger, not sure of my destination, the driver was work colleague Nigel. The road was busy and we were at a standstill, Nigel told me we were waiting for two more passengers and asked me to ring them. 

I made a phone call and was explaining directions to a female about walking through an alley to locate the coach. As I continued with my directions, a group of men stood in front of the coach. They all looked simular, their hair was shaved at the sides and they all had Irish accents. 

Each one of them were carrying plastic buckets, as I talked on the phone they started scooping the contents from the buckets and smearing it all over the windows of the coach. Much to the disgust of Nigel, they were using excrement. Not sure from who or what it came from but it was big. 
Nigel got out of the coach and angrily chased off the men down the street. 

Lastly I was sat at a table with work supervisor Nick and a bald man I didn't recognise. I was explaining that my wife had arranged a party for me but they wouldn't be able to attend as they would be working. As I looked at the guy I didn't know, he smiled and I saw that it was my friend and colleague, Claire. She was dressed as a man and had shaved her head. 

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