Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Secret shop

To start with I was in a restaurant with the French prime minister, who had treated me to lunch, which was nice of him. From there I was suddenly leaning over a barbed wire fence attempting to reach something. I was using a pair of metal kitchen tongs. 

Next I was entering a small corner shop holding a four pint carton of milk and a plastic container of tomato sauce. As I walked in I dropped the milk carton and as I bent down yo pick it up, I dropped the tomato sauce. 

Annoyed at my own clumsiness, I opened a fridge door to put the items into. As I did this I knocked a lime onto the head of a woman standing next to me. I appolgised and walked to the back of the shop, entering a door. 

On the other side of the door was a labyrinth of tunnels leading downwards. I past people on the way, all of which looked familiar but I just couldn't recall where I'd previously seen them. Eventually I reached a vast underground room that was completely empty. 

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