Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mouldy head

There were two separate parts to my dream last night, the first involved a dead body, a slight theme this week unfortunately. 

The body was that of a man, he was laying on a wooden table with his head flopped over the edge which made his mouth open. 

I decided I would try and push his head onto the table to give him a bit of dignity but when I touched it, I found that my fingers slipped through his skull like a very over ripe melon. 

The more I tried to take hold of it, the more it fell apart in my hands. I walked away with the head in pieces and my hands covered in gooey brains. 

Lastly in my mums back garden I was attempting to manoveoure a telegraph pole. It seemed way bigger than normal and I successfully managed to wedge it into next doors fence. 

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