Monday, 3 November 2014

Last man standing

I began last night by bumping into a work colleague called Boxer. He had very muddy hands and was stood in a doorway. Although he was very happy and chatty, he seemed to be blocking the entrance to prevent me from entering. 

He glanced over his shoulder as if addressing someone and said, "Have you seen Max's hat, he looks well dapper". I couldn't see anyone and there was no response from the darkness beyond Boxer. 

I was next laying inside an MIR machine, something I did recently. I was drifting off to the very loud buzzing sound that it makes, when it suddendly stopped. I waiting for the bed to slide out but nothing happened. After an age I realised all was not right and so crawled out. 

I found no one in the room, beyond that, the hospital was completely empty of people. I ventured outside to find more of the same. No people, nowhere. It was as if everyone had totally vanished. Everything was as if they had suddenly disappeared. 

As I walked around I thought that maybe being inside the MIR had spared me and I contemplated a life totally alone. Above my head birds were circling and I wondered my they hadn't vanished. As I walked further I realised the birds were the size of Pterodactyls and started to run for cover. 
I woke before I was swooped upon. 

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