Friday, 14 November 2014

Keeping up appearances

I was at my place of employment, once again in the department my wife works in. The floor was clear as all the desks had been pushed against the walls, standing in the middle of the room was supervisor, Andy. Sat at one of the desks was Twelly. 

Twelly had removed his tie as he was feeling warm but Andy was shouting at him about it. He said, "Look at this baseball player, plays the whole game in a shirt and tie, and does he take his tie off? No he doesn't!" He then held up his phone which was playing a baseball game on it. 

Twelly just put his head down and tried to avoid the verbal onslaught, but as he was the only other person in the room, it was difficult to hide. I then became aware of someone else sat at another desk in the far corner. 

I looked over and it was Sonia, she doesn't work in this department and so I went over to see what she was doing. Layed out on the desk was what I presumed a dead body. Sonia was wrapping it in brown parcel paper. 

On a pile on the floor next to her was a stack of body shaped parcels held together with sellotape. Sonia glanced up at me for a second and smiled, she then went about wrapping the body as if she was doing her Christmas presents.  

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