Saturday, 8 November 2014

Cold hearted killer

I was in a house I didn't know, I had the feeling I shouldn't have been there. This was confirmed when two men walked in and asked me how I'd got into their house. 

I then without hesitation, shot both men in the head. I had no remorse and no feelings towards my actions at all. I then set about covering my actions by setting up the house to explain my DNA being present. 

I thought that if I pretended that I'd never been in the house, then there would be no explanation as to why my DNA was present. I changed a photo that was in a frame, to one of myself and left a few belongings of mine around. 

I was next a policeman and was presenting a man before the custody desk that I'd arrested. The man had caused some minor criminal damage. As I stood at the desk I received a phone call. 

I was informed that two bodies had been found shot in a house. The custody sergeant asked what the man was arrested for and instantly I said, "Murder, he shot two men dead". 

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