Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bubble babies

I had gone into the department at work where my wife works. I found myself a desk and sat down with my feet on the table. I was very relaxed and Tom, who was sat near me, commented that I should transfer to the department. "Alright Son, make yourself at home."

I looked up and saw my wife on another desk smiling at me. Then someone gave me some post that had been redirected to me and a parcel. I opened the parcel to find it contained a car stereo. I passed it over to my wife and left the office. 

Lastly I was blowing bubbles from one of those small pots that are sold to children. I watched as the bubbles floated off into the air. As I watched them, they all turned into babies heads, some were smiling and laughing. The ones that started to cry, burst as they did so. 

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